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    Irrigation controllers Aquarius

    Русская версия

    The Aquarius controller has software that allows you to take into account weather conditions when setting the duration of irrigation for any crops. Programmed through a smartphone or tablet. Simple user-friendly interface. Possible remote preparation, configuration of their programs and their storage in the cloud.

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    Wiring diagram for 10 valves

    • Number of irrigation zones (channels) - 10;
    • Compatible with any AC 24v, Hanter, Rain Bird;
    • Programming and manual control: remotely, using an individual application on a smartphone or Android tablet;
    • Enclosure type: for outdoor installation (outdoor);
    • Independent programs - 8 each on 10 channels;
    • Independent programming of each program on any channel by days of the week;
    • Purpose: for watering lawns and drip irrigation of garden and vegetable crops;
    • The maximum running time of the program is 99 minutes;
    • The forecast of the duration of each channel per week;
    • Compatible with any weather sensors, allows you to programmatically enable or disable the accounting of the Danish readings on any channel;
    • Manual switching up to 999 minutes;
    • Built-in short-circuit protection on any channel;
    • New! 2 temperature sensors (for street and greenhouses), which automatically adjust the duration of watering or turn off the program in cold weather (adjusted individually for each watering zone);
    • Nonvolatile memory of programs and watches;
    • A mobile application allows you to store, view and edit programs without connecting to the controller;
    • Automatic synchronization of programs recalculated in the Android device on the first connection to the controller;
    • Arbitrary name of the channels in accordance with the purpose of irrigation zones;
    • New! It is possible to connect the fertigation system.
    • The ability to update the firmware of the controller for additional functions in new versions.

    8450,00 р.
    Предназначен для автоматического полива газонов, теплиц, садов с учетом погодных условий.
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    7850,00 р.
    Предназначен для автоматического капельного полива огородов, теплиц, садов.
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